• How would I know if an application would benefit me?

    Contact the Portal ADM group and we can set up a free consultation to help you decide. We will look at issues such as timelines for development, complexity, cost, and availability of the project, as well as provide information that will help you decide what approach is best for you. Normally, online applications will save your organization money, eliminating costly data entry and paper-based processes.

  • How do you determine how much it costs to develop or host an application?

    We work with you to gather high level requirements and give a free estimate that is used to acquire the initial funding. We then document business requirements and will provide detailed cost and time estimates.

  • Does the money saved from an application outweigh the cost?

    This depends on your business’ goals. If the goal is to get the least expensive application that will meet your specific business needs, then the cost savings can be substantial. If the goal is to provide more output for the business process served by the application, then the cost can be more but your business can become more successful and efficient.

  • How long does it take to develop an application?

    It depends on the complexity of the application and the customer. This will be discussed as we get an idea for your application needs.

  • Where are the applications hosted?

    Applications are hosted at a data center in north Atlanta. This is a state-of-the art-data center that hosts the majority of the State of Georgia's servers. It is managed by our technical partner, IBM.

  • Do you have to develop our applications in order to host them?

    No. We offer our hosting service independently for any application, as long as they meet our standards and qualifications for the hosting environment.

  • What environments do you use for development?

    Our environments consist of both a Windows 2008 environment behind IIS, utilizing a SQL Server database and an enterprise solution using the Websphere Application Server (WAS), J2EE, Struts, Hibernate and Oracle/DB2 as a database. We also develop SharePoint solutions in our own optimized SharePoint environment.

  • Is your system big enough to handle my application?

    We have many different kinds of applications currently hosted at the NADC, including a vast majority of the State of Georgia applications. At the current time, we can handle substantial growth without problem. If we begin to reach capacity, we would simply scale the environment to the size needed. We can provide specific examples and details of throughput with any engaged project.

  • What if my business changes or I need to make changes to the application?

    Our standards and best practices allow for those changes to be made as needed. In some cases this would entail a simple maintenance release, and in other cases a comprehensive change would need to be done. In extreme cases the application may have to be redesigned and rewritten, all depending on the scope of the project.

  • Do we have to be a member of the GETS program to use your services?

    No, being a member of GETS is not a prerequisite to using our application developing or hosting services.

  • How do I know if my application is supported by ADM?

    The URL you use for your application begins with "services.georgia.gov" and are also listed in our portfolio.

  • Who do I contact if my application has a problem?

    You will need to open a ticket by filling out the Support Request form with the subject, problem type, your URL, problem description, and your contact information.

  • If I open a ticket, how can I track the status of my ticket?

    You will be emailed with a ticket status update each time the status of your service request has changed. The ADM group will contact you with any questions about your ticket and you will be notified once the work is completed.

  • How can I contact my GTA Service Delivery Consultant?

    Click here to find your GTA SDC.