Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web illustration

Even if you’re a seasoned communications or marketing professional, you may need a refresher course when it comes to writing for the web (including all digital channels.) This content workshop goes beyond grammar and spelling.


Develop and document a consistent Tone of Voice (TOV) for your agency while learning the basics of SEO, editorial style guides and planning content.

Who should attend

Anyone who plans, produces or manages content for state agencies in Georgia including: content managers, PR professionals, communications directors, content managers and marketing teams.

What you'll learn

  • Discover Your TOV (Tone of Voice)
    How do you speak to your audience? Is your tone consistent? Learn the importance of the words you choose.
  • Editorial Style Guides
    What’s an editorial style guide and how do you use it?
  • User-Friendly Copy
    Learn the basics of writing for accessibility, scannability and overall user-friendly wordsmithing.
  • Reaching Your Audience
    Learn how to write for and use different channels to target your various personas. (*Make sure to take both persona workshops.)
  • SEO
    Find out why SEO is just as important to your state agency as it is to an e-commerce site. Learn to use metadata, do keyword research and how to use your site analytics to develop better content for your site.
  • Taxonomy
    What is taxonomy and why is it important? Learn the proper use of nomenclature, organization of content and how hashtags are really meant to be used.
  • Defining Your Goals
    What are KPIs and why do you need them? Learn how to define your goals and measure your success.
  • Planning Your Content
    Learn how to create an editorial calendar for any published content.

What you'll get

  • A TOV Chart
  • Sample editorial style guide
  • Content Strategy Planner
  • Training materials include:
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Training manual
    • Course notes & handouts
    • Course binder


You must take Personas, Part 1 and Personas, Part 2 class prior to this one.