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Nikhil Deshpande


As Director of GeorgiaGov Interactive at the Georgia Technology Authority, Nikhil Deshpande leads the team responsible for managing Georgia.gov, the official online portal to Georgia state government, and a web-publishing platform for state agencies...

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Jasmyne Dove

Testing Lead

Jasmyne is the Testing Lead for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She is also a User Interface/User Experience developer, where she lends her expertise in user experience, interaction design, usability, and quality assurance. She focuses on enterprise...

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Rachel Hart

UX Designer and Editorial Manager

Rachel Hart is the User Experience Designer and Editorial Manager for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She makes government material approachable with writing, infographics, videos, and other imagery on the Georgia.gov blog and social media. She also helps...

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Kyle Johnson

Project Manager

Kyle Johnson is the project manager for GeorgiaGov Interactive. Her main responsibility is making stuff happen in a digital world. Duties include: Manage various size web projects including drafting project initiation documents, gaining internal...

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Charronda King

Web Content Support Specialist

Assists with website content migrations, perform quality assurance reviews, and provide general customer support for the web platform. Provides support for customers updating content on their websites, focusing on best practices for content and the...

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Peter Lee

Account Manager

Peter Lee is the account manager for GeorgiaGov Interactive. He works with state agencies using the GeorgiaGov platform, helping them define their needs and building solutions to meet those needs. He also assists other state agencies in developing...

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Johann Lohrmann

Solutions Architect

Johann Lohrmann currently serves as a solutions architect for GTA. In this position, he solves large and complex problems for the agency and its clients. Johann is a senior business analyst with over 15 years of digital media experience. He was...

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Kendra Skeene

Director of Product

Kendra oversees the state’s enterprise web platform, directing product strategy and working with development partners to create new products for the platform’s customers. She has managed several initiatives with the GeorgiaGov Interactive team,...

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Chelsea Stephens

Marketing Specialist

Chelsea Stephens is the Marketing Specialist for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She contributes blogs to both Georgia.gov and the GeorgiaGov Interactive site. Chelsea is also the voice behind the GeorgiaGov Interactive Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. During...

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Jenna Tollerson

Development Lead

Jenna Tollerson is the Development Lead for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She writes and reviews functional code for the GeorgiaGov web publishing platform. She also acts as a technical advisor for GeorgiaGov strategic initiatives. Jenna is an Acquia...


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