Rachael Wheeler

Web Content Specialist
GeorgiaGov Interactive
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Rachael Wheeler formally worked as a Web Content Specialist and blogger for the GeorgiaGov Interactive Team. In addition to contributing blogs to GeorgiaGov, she also worked as an SEO technician, sifting through analytics and keyword results to ensure websites attain their optimal search engine ranking. Rachael has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Berry College where she studied Visual Communication as well as Journalism. She enjoys film photography and finding cheap brunch in Atlanta.

47 Trinity Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

Blog Entries by Rachael Wheeler

September 29, 2015
Keywords here. Keywords there. Keywords everywhere!
August 18, 2015
Optimizing your search engine may seem like a daunting task. What kinds of things do you even need to do that? A Ghostbuster machine and a paperclip?
June 3, 2015
Learn about 3 of the most popular SEO myths.