Kendra Skeene

Director of Product
GeorgiaGov Interactive
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Kendra oversees the state’s enterprise web platform, directing product strategy and working with development partners to create new products for the platform’s customers. She has managed several initiatives with the GeorgiaGov Interactive team, including the responsive and accessible platform initiatives

Prior to leading the product team, Kendra led support and training for the GeorgiaGov platform, where she kept a close pulse on customer issues and platform health. Kendra has more than 15 years of web design and development experience and has been involved in web-based training for nearly as long. Regardless of her role in a project, Kendra's primary focus is always on how to encourage the people who work on digital products to do the right thing for their users.

When she's not thinking about the state web platform (and sometimes when she is), you might find Kendra relaxing with some yoga, crocheting a purse, or making her own cultured vegetables. She sells her crochet patterns on Etsy, but you'll have to make a house call to get some homemade kimchi. 

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Blog Entries by Kendra Skeene

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