Jasmyne Epps

Testing Lead
GeorgiaGov Interactive
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Jasmyne is the Testing Lead for GeorgiaGov Interactive. She is also a User Interface/User Experience developer, where she lends her expertise in user experience, interaction design, usability, and quality assurance. She focuses on enterprise content management systems and front-end web development. Her role combines a happy mixture of design and technology.

She holds a bachelor of science degree in management information systems and sharpens her design and development skill as a freelance web developer. Jasmyne also has various certifications ranging from Network+ to Software Tester.

In her free time, Jasmyne likes playing video games, exercising, perusing the latest gadgets and technology trends, and testing out new recipes on her husband.

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Blog Entries by Jasmyne Epps

June 27, 2017
From internal enterprise systems to mobile and web-based applications, we need to understand who we’re really working for … Who is our target audience? Learn how to find and focus on your core users, and how to perfect your digital strategy to best accommodate them.
May 23, 2017
In April, our accessibility expert, Jasmyne, spoke at Middle Georgia State University's Web Tech Day. Couldn't make it? Find her key points here, and learn how to make your next website or app accessible from the start.
March 21, 2017
In this final installation of our three-part series, we will briefly discuss what makes someone a good tester as well as some of the tools you can use to conduct your testing.