Personas, Part 2

Personas, Part 2 illustration

Once you have completed the Persona Workshop Part 1, you’re ready to dig a little deeper. In part 2 of this persona workshop, we take a look at your user's experience when they visit your site.


Using what we’ve learned from the Personas 1 Workshop, we’ll dig deeper into how personas relate to your agency, user states and how your current site performs for your various personas.

Who should attend

Anyone who plans, produces or manages content for state agencies in Georgia. Content managers, PR professionals, communications directors, content managers and marketing teams, for example.

What you'll learn

  • What do my users see?
    We examine realistic situations based on your personas. People are trying to access various information from your agency based on their individual need. Does your content deliver?
  • Empathy Maps
    While personas focus on common traits and demographics such as age or gender, empathy maps are centered around feelings. How do people feel when they seek your services?
  • Persona/User States
    We talk about different user states and address “the crisis persona” when a user is under distress.
  • How does your site/application measure up?
    How you could perfectly understand your persona, create a strategy centered around the persona, and still deliver irrelevant content to your audience?

What you'll get

  • A completed empathy map  
  • Persona states (including a “crisis persona”)
  • Training materials include:
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Training manual
    • Course notes & handouts
    • Course binder


Personas: Part 1 must be taken prior to taking this course.