Content Makeover

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Does your site need a refresh?


Learn how to use a Content Inventory to examine what’s on your site. Use data to determine the needs and behaviors of your site users, and how to rearrange your site to serve up the most important information first.


  • Goals
    An effective website balances your goals with citizens’ goals. Learn how they come together.
  • Analytics
    Learn how to use your site analytics to determine what your users care about most.
  • Evaluate Your Homepage
    Is your homepage doing its job? Learn what an effective homepage should communicate and see how yours measures up.
  • Content Inventory and Audit
    Take a look at everything that’s on your site. See what can stay, what needs to change, and what to let go.
  • Information Architecture (IA)
    Learn what goes into the organization of the content on your website.

What You'll Get

  • Understanding of your site’s analytics
  • A content inventory for your site
  • The start of a content audit


There are no prerequisites to take this class.