GOVTalks: Social Media Recap

May 6, 2014

We just finished our third workshop in our GOVTalks series, GOVTalks: Social Media. With 20 government agencies, 3 private companies, and 50 web content representatives in attendance, this was our best GOVTalks yet! Everyone in attendance heard the importance of social media communication, and why the government is expected now, more than ever, to engage in an open dialogue with citizens. 

We need to talk! The Why, What, When, and How of Social Media

Our keynote speaker Nikhil Deshpande, GeorgiaGov Interactive Director, presented We Need to Talks! The Why, What, When, and How of Social Media, introducing the topic of social media and its impact. Nikhil emphasized the significance of government agencies being involved in social media, meeting citizens where they are and being a part of the conversation. He showcased examples of different types of popular and successful posts, the immediacy of sharing that can take place with time sensitive situations, and the value in making sure agencies are prepared with a strategy and resources to take on the new platforms. 

Presentations Slides

Nikhil Deshpande - We need to talk! The Why, What, When, and How of Social Media.

Presentation Video

Social Media: Finding the Right Platform

Guest speaker Blair Brady, Partner & Vice President of Client Services at WITH/agency, spoke about the many different social media platforms out there and how to incorporate a brand strategy with Social Media: Finding the Right Platform. She explained two important factors when implementing social media: 1. understanding your audience and finding them where they already are, and 2. the importance of a good mix of channels and the types of content that fit each channel. She focused on the 5 most popular social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and expounded on the impact and use of each, and how agencies should integrate each in their own strategies.

Presentation Slides

Blair Brady - Social Media: Finding the Right Platform

Presentation Video

Social Media Strategy: Know Your Knows

Bethany McDaniel, GeorgiaGov Web Content and Social Media Manager, showed agencies the significance of a social media content strategy with Social Media Strategy: Know Your Knows. Agencies learned that "content is king" to keep followers engaged with your social media platforms, and that they must create a repeatable process in content marketing that will keep them accountable to measure goals. Bethany used GeorgiaGov and other government examples to showcase the 7 main things to know for a successful content strategy: Know your goals, know your audience, know your voice, know your boundaries, know your comrades, know your numbers, and most importantly, know how to change.

Presentation Slides

Bethany McDaniel - Social Media Strategy: Know Your Knows

Presentation Video

Social Media Wrap-Up

We ended the workshop with a Q&A session with a discussion panel consisting of industry experts. Kendra Skeene, GeorgiaGov Support and Training Manager, moderated our panelists, asking social media questions submitted from our attendees before the workshop. David Allen of Wildlife Resources, Lauren Cleland of Explore Georgia, Noralil Fores of Turner Classic Movies, and Bethany McDaniel all participated in the panel, giving personal insight on their social media experiences and lessons learned.

Presentation Slides

GOVTalks: Social Media Handouts with suggested resources and articles. 

Presentation Video

If you couldn’t attend or would like a recap of the event, you can find the presentation slides, handouts, videos, and photos below. And don't worry; we'll have another session coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Pooja Berrong

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Pooja Berrong is the former Vendor and Account Manager at GeorgiaGov Interactive, a division of the Georgia Technology Authority.

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