GOVTalks: Usability Recap

January 17, 2014

Another success! Our second GOVTalks workshop turned out to be a big hit thanks to our attendees, GTA and the Portal Interactive team. 31 attendees from 17 agencies gathered on Jan. 15 to learn about how important it is to focus on the user when designing and maintaining websites.

Usability 101

GeorgiaGov Interactive Director Nikhil Deshpande started the event with a general overview on what usability is. He focused on how important it is for government websites in particular to focus on making their websites more usable. Websites are about what the user wants rather than what we think they want.

Presentation Slides

Nikhil Deshpande - Usability 101

Presentation Video 

What's in your Usability Toolkit?

Next, Peter Lee, GeorgiaGov's Editorial Director, explained some of the many tools and resources used to detect the usability of a website. Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, and 5-second tests are just a few he covered.

Presentation Slides

Peter Lee - What's in your Usability Toolkit?

Presentation Video

Heuristic Evaluation

To conclude the day, Pooja Berrong, GeorgiaGov's Vendor & Account Manager, led the group through a heuristic evaluation. Before the event, all attendees were given a blank heuristic evaluation to fill out on their own. Then on Wednesday, Pooja walked the room through a sample evaluation, giving helpful hints and advice.

Presentation Slides

Pooja Berrong - Heuristic Evaluation

Presentation Video


If you attended this latest session of GOVTalks, please don't forget to take our survey about the event!

If you couldn’t attend or would like a recap of the event, you can find the presentation slides, handouts, extra resources, videos, and photos below. And don't worry: we'll have another session in a few months, so stay tuned.


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Bethany McDaniel

About the Author

Bethany McDaniel was the Editorial Director for GeorgiaGov Interactive.

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