GOVTalks: Mobile Recap

October 16, 2013

Our first GOVTalks workshop was a great success thanks to our attendees, GTA, and the Portal Interactive team! 41 attendees from 23 agencies participated to learn about the growing trend of mobile and tablet devices, and the design and content solutions for our platform’s websites and users.

Mobile is NOT the Future

Nikhil Deshpande kicked off the event with Mobile is NOT the Future, letting agencies know that mobile and tablet users are a very relevant part of their website’s traffic today. He informed web managers about the significance of mobile, and why having a mobile-friendly website is now essential for community service.  Some highlights include learning about “The Mobile Moment” when Facebook's mobile traffic exceeded their desktop users, and seeing GeorgiaGov’s mobile users almost double from 17% in 2012 to 30.5% in 2013.

Presentation Slides

Nikhil Deshpande - Mobile is NOT the Future

Presentation Video

What is Responsive Web Design

Christina Lingga spoke about Responsive Design as the platform’s solution to mobile users. She showed agencies the new trends in designing for mobile devices and why the Interactive team decided Responsive was the best solution. She emphasized that the agency's users should be first priority in website development, and designing with their convenience and behaviors in mind is key to providing effective customer service.

Presentation Slides

Christina Lingga - What is Responsive Web Design

Presentation Video

Getting Ready for Responsive

Peter Lee closed the workshop with Getting Ready for Responsive showing agencies how they can change their content to make websites more efficient for the growing mobile users. Peter reminded agencies that simple, straight to the point, and easy to read content is key, especially with mobile and tablet devices. Chunky data with bullet points, catchy headlines, and bold keywords will help them scan information quickly and efficiently. Using metadata for search results and minimizing the use of PDFs and tables will also help small device users find the information they need. 

Presentation Slides

Peter Lee - Getting Ready for Responsive

Presentation Video

If you couldn't attend or would like a recap of the event, you can find the presentation slides, videos, and photos below, along with a few helpful resources about Responsive Design, content, and the demo site.


Pooja Berrong

About the Author

Pooja Berrong is the former Vendor and Account Manager at GeorgiaGov Interactive, a division of the Georgia Technology Authority.

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