Accessible Platform Initiative - Enhancements List

GeorgiaGov Interactive's Accessibility Initiative aims to ensure that the Drupal platform themes' code meets W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (Level AA) standards, based on recommendations from a code audit performed by AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center. There are two main focus areas for improvement: improved functionality in the code, and improving color contrast.  

Functionality Improvements

Launched Aug 21, 2015

  1. Added visible keyboard focus to all links
  2. Changed unclear “More” links on homepage blocks to say:
    1. See More Latest News
    2. See More Press Releases
    3. See All Upcoming Events
  3. Changed slogan tag to use <span> instead of <h6> to be more semantically accurate based on content.
  4. Added a <label> tag to the Search bar for screen readers
  5. Added auditory text labels to the mobile menu links for screen readers

Launched Sept 18, 2015

  1. Removed the link to the homepage in the agency name in the footer of each site - identified as a redundant link, which is considered an accessibility issue.
  2. Updated the heading tags for Alphabetical Index Lists to make them easier to navigate via  keyboard.

Launched Oct 23, 2015

  1. Fixed a bug with the “Skip to Main Content” functionality - when a user tabs to the "Skip to Main Content" link and hits Enter, the user is taken down the page below the Main Menu. However, hitting Tab again returns focus up to the Skip to Main Content / logo area. Fixed so that hitting Enter to select Skip to Main Content moves keyboard focus to the first link in the main content section of each page.
  2. Fixed an inconsistency with the heading tag on Press Release pages - now the title of the Press Release uses an <h1> tag, consistent with all other internal page titles.
  3. Fixed an issue with main menu items that used <nolink> functionality, which prevented the user from accessing a menu item’s child links via keyboard navigation. Users can now tab to child menu items from a menu item that does not link to a page.
  4. Added ARIA accessibility labeling to “Read More” links across the platform to provide additional context to the link for screen reader users.
  5. Standardized the pagination styles on listing pages. 
  6. Added ARIA accessibility labeling to pagination links to provide context of what each link does for screen reader users.
  7. Converted the “Add to Calendar” button on Event pages from an image to a link. Added ARIA labeling to include the event name for screen readers.
  8. Convert subheadings on detail pages from <span> tags to heading tags on
  9. Fix keyboard focus when a user clicks the Translate link to move to the Translate overlay window.

Launched Nov 20, 2015

  1. Added visible keyboard focus to all links on - that means if you’re using your tab key to move through links on the site, you will have a visual indication of which link you’re on.
  2. Converted subheadings for Popular Topics and Agency pages from <span> tags to heading tags on
  3. Fixed the breadcrumb listings on to provide better context on their locations.
  4. On the Law theme, the Agency header was missing a text version of the website title. This is unhelpful for accessibility and also an SEO fail - so we added the title in a hidden <h1> tag for screen readers and search engines to know where they are.

Launched Dec 18, 2015

  1. Update ARIA labeling for Read More links on
  2. Law Opinions - remove unnecessary <nav> tag and alt text in the Print This link at the bottom of each Opinion.
  3. Update custom Stay Connected social media icons on to provide alternate text.
  4. Remove a hidden and unnecessary “You Are Here” header associated with breadcrumb navigation.

Color Contrast Improvements

Update all themes to meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility requirements for color contrast and font size to increase legibility for all users.

Launched Nov 20, 2015

Color contrast and font size improvements for the following themes:

  • Friendly 1
  • Classic 1
  • Patriotic 1
  • Portal 1

Launched Dec 18, 2015

Color contrast and font size improvements for the remaining themes, including:

  • Official 1
  • Labor

Launched Jan 28, 2016

Color contrast and font size improvements for the remaining themes, including:

  • GeorgiaGov
  • Official 2
  • Patriotic 2
  • Friendly 2
  • Classic 2
  • Portal 2
  • Environment 1
  • Environment 2
  • Law theme