Quality Assurance Services

Independent Testing :

Our skilled team performs quality assurance checks to determine and grade the integrity, credibility and readiness of the product and whether it is fit for deployment. Our testing maintains neutrality, adds inspection, validation, and verification that may have been initially overlooked. This unit also performs patch, upgrade and migration testing services to ensure production systems are not compromised as well as identifying and mitigating risk. We can also help with facilitation and consultation, testing oversight and resource management, documentation testing, and guidance with governance standards.

Services Include:

  • Independent observation checkpoints within your Software or Services Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Evaluate quality and functionality
  • Evaluate product and service usability
  • Determine if industry standards and original design requirements are met

Testing Services:

Our skilled team can discover defects through functionality testing, minimizing costs due to redesigns or additional development. We are active participants throughout the process to ensure the product or service performs according to design requirements.

Testing Features:

  • Additional testing includes full acceptance testing, quality, black box, white box, regression, usability, availability, sanity, accessibility, regulatory and compliance, security, documentation, remediation, functional and non-functional testing.
  • We offer load and stress testing services through one of our partners.
  • All our engagements include test plans and test cases.

Business Process Analysis: 

This unit conducts collaboration sessions  with external and internal customers to analyze needs and functional requirements. We can facilitate JAD sessions or participate when required within the product management schedule, producing functional requirements, use cases, and statements of work.