License Suspension Project with DHS

October 25, 2011

The Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) has partnered with Data Sharing Services to deny or suspend vehicle and state licenses from parents who owe child support.

DCSS will send the names of delinquent parents to DSS nightly and will notify the parent. Once the debt has been paid, DCSS will authorize the reinstatement of license privileges and DSS will update the various agencies.

To stop the suspension process, non-custodial parents must pay off their arrears within a prescribed period of time. Parents wishing to pay earlier will need to bring a check or money order for the full amount to their local child support office.

Licenses affected include driver’s licenses and hunting and fishing licenses.

DSS is working with the departments of Driver Services, Natural Resources and Corrections, sending nightly updated batches. DDS and DNR will suspend, revoke, or deny licenses for noncompliant parents. GDC will update inmate records and inform noncompliant parents upon exit interviews.

“By using our enterprise data exchange middleware, information exchanges between multiple state agencies are coordinated and conducted from one centralized location using real-time Web services,” says DSS Director Jim McGibeny. “We can easily adjust the business processes built inside the software to adapt to changing customer requirements.”

The project took DSS four months to complete and was supported through ARRA Stimulus funding.

DSS specializes in secure data exchanges between agencies and is a division under the Georgia Technology Authority state agency.

Jim McGibeny
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