Data Sharing Capabilities

DSS offers multiple types of data sharing capabilities and business processes, ensuring all industry and governance standards are met.

Enterprise Application/System Integration & Data Exchange (ESB)

Enterprise application/system integration and data exchange provides a secure, real-time statewide data sharing service between agencies with an integration strategy resulting in improved efficiency between partners.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business process management provides agencies with a workflow automation system, by integrating business processes complimenting human interaction. 

Enterprise Architecture & Process Modeling

Enterprise architecture and process modeling provides an inter-agency and/or intra-agency network of tools that work collaboratively to create and improve agency’s core business processes.  

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Our business activity monitoring service provides real-time access to critical business performance indicators, improving the speed and effectiveness of business operations. .  


Our governance of utilizing state of the art tools and processes, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Metadata registry and repository service, helps eliminate re-work, and assures consistent data quality, while maintaining compliance and keeping agency data sharing aligned with their business objectives.

Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI) & Trading Networks

We provide electronic data interexchange solutions for integrating with government or private trading partners, suppliers, and customers using industry standards such as SWIFT, ACH, Rosetta Net, HIPAA 5010, and HL7.